Fill Out Your Surveys!


The Union Leadership and Improvement Project group needs your input on what improvement project you would like to see implimented first.  Is there something that has worked or not worked in the past?  Has there been a sucessful project in another community that you think would work here?  Your feedback will not only give us ideas and help priorotize our efforts, but will show community support which is needed to be eligible for many funding sources (e.g. public and private grants).  Please take 5 minutes and fill out the survey that was delivered to your residence on Sunday afternoon.  Volunteers will be picking up the surveys this Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  All survey responses are confidential and the compiled results will be presented at a town hall type meeting sponsored by our group.


Union's Joint Easter Services

Please join Union's First Baptist and Methodist Churches as they come together for a sunrise service followed by a delicious breakfast on Easter Sunday, April 4th.  The service will begin at 6:30 a.m. with breakfast immediately following at the Methodist Church (2nd & B St.).

Easter Egg Hunt in Union

There is a an Easter Egg hunt for children age zero through the second grade this Saturday, April 3rd at the Union park directly behind the Bank.  The Easter Egg hunt will take place from 1 p.m. until 2:30.  Refreshments and treats will be provided.

Census Questionnaire due on May 1st!


Don't forget to fill out and return your census questionnaire!  The data that we provide in our census questionnaire is used for plan for rural development, providing more effective services, attracting new businesses to our area, and much more.  This census form is actually one of the shortest and easiest in history - it is estimated that it will only take 10 minutes for the average household to complete the questionnaire.  Additionally, all census information remains confidential.

May 1st is the deadline for returning the questionnaires.  Filling out and returning  your census form will not only benefit the Village of Union, but you will also avoid a census working from having to come to your door for a non-response follow up!



Keep Collecting your Recyclables!


Remember to save your recyclables to be placed in the recycling trailer that will be located in Union until this Friday morning!*  The trailer is located on the Main Street Building property - next to the Post Office.

*While the Cass County recycling calendar indicates that the trailer will remain in Union all day on Friday, the trailer is actually transported to Omaha early Friday morning by a Union volunteer to be emptied and moved to the next location (Murray Fire Department).





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