ROAD MAP FOR UNION // June 28-29, 2013
American Legion Auxiliary Hall (118 West Main St.)

Prioritizing meeting (Friday, June 28)             
    6:30pm:    Welcome from Melissa Hansen, Village of Union
    6:35pm:    Welcome from Wendy Griswold, Huston Gibson, and Kate Nesse, KSU
    6:40pm:    Recap of the Village Vision with Huston Gibson
    6:50pm:    Recap of the 2 RCP 2013 Master’s Reports with Huston Gibson
    7:05pm:     Presentation of the 2013 EcoDevo class assignments with Kate Nesse
    7:35pm:     Establishing of criteria for project selection
    7:55pm:     Deciding if any projects meet selected criteria and are desirable to pursue
    8:15pm:     Summarize outcome and present charge for next meet meeting (Sat. morning)
    8:30pm:     Adjourn

Action steps meeting (Saturday, June 29)             
    9:00am:    Greeting from KSU team  
    9:05am:    Identification of project champions, and teams (voluntary)
    9:15am:     Breakout into project groups for discussion of desired project outcomes
    9:45am:     Create action steps for each project (Wendy, Huston, and Kate will float groups)
    10:30am:     Group leaders report back to the whole  
    11:00am:     Adjourn
    11am-12noon:    Reserved for contingency action

Notes from the prioritizing meeting and action steps meeting will be compiled into a single planning document for use by Union, project champions, and project supporters. 







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