December 9, 2009

The Union Village Board met in regular session on Dec. 9, 2009.  The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. at the ALA Hall.  The Open Meeting Laws were displayed.  On roll call: T. McClane, Kahland, Brown and Chipman.  J. McClane was absent.

Minutes of previous meeting and special meeting from Nov. 23 were reviewed and approved. A motion was made by Chipman and 2nd by Brown, Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland– Aye, Chipman – Aye, Brown- Aye and J. McClane absent.  Motion approved.

Claims and Accounts were presented with the addition of the loans that are paid by electronic funds transfer each month, sales tax due prior to meeting and McWha’s Oct. salary.  Noted accounts were discussed for payment. Brown made a motion to approve payment of listed accounts.  2nd by Kahland.  Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Brown – Aye.   J. McClane absent.  Motion approved.  

DEC 9, 2009

NPPD           FIREBARN*     $       45.89    
AREA LIGHT RENTAL     $       17.76     
BALLFIELD**     $       36.32     
WATER PUMP     $     294.91     
FIREBARN (TOWN BLDG)     $       16.32     
NEW TOWER  (WATER)     $       16.32     
TRAFFIC LIGHT     $       16.32     
AREA LIGHT RENTAL     $         7.28     
STREETLIGHTS     $     394.95     
NEW SEWER PUMP     $       59.28     
ALA HALL     $       29.08    
NE PUBLIC HEALTH ENV LAB     $       10.00    WATER TESTS    
WINDSTREAM  OFFICE     $       63.14    
WINDSTREAM  FIRE     $       86.25    
MELISSA HANSEN      $     600.27    SALARY    
UNION VOLUNTEER F & R     $     767.00    UVFR RADIOS    
CARAWAY COMPUTERS                                         $      395.00   SUPPORT/MAINT CONTRACT UTILITY SOFTWARE    
NE DEPT. OF REVENUE     $        94.65   SALES TAXES  (Pd. Check 9633 Nov 25th)    
LARSON MOTORS     $        43.00   ESTIMATE    
ALLIED RECYCLING     $     1248.75  Monthly Trash Service     
LOAN     $       618.44  LOAN FOR SEWER BOND     
LOAN     $       265.64  RESCUE SQUAD    
EMP             $         69.92  MED SUPPLIES UVFR    
STEVE MCWHA     $       653.62  OCT SALARY (Pd. Check # 9632)    
STEVE MCWHA                                $       653.62  NOV SALARY      

Three letters of correspondence were discussed.  Nebraska Municipal Clerk Institute and Academy is holding their yearly training seminar in North Platte in March.  Hansen wants to attend if application for scholarship is accepted. Cost for course is $400.  Inspection by JEO of Sewer Lagoons looked over by board.  Discrepancies discussed and in the process of being fixed.  We received a recall notice on the Rescue Squad passed to J. McClane earlier in the month.

The Village Managers report was given by McWha.   He reported that the village used 893,000 gallons of water the month of November averaging 29,766 gallons per day.  The lift station ran for 73.56 hours, around 2.45 hours per day.  Water tests were fine.  McWha stated that our water consumption was up as well as lift station hours.  Possible faulty toilet or appliance could be the issue, not a leak, since elevated water usage coincided with increased lift station hours.  McWha also noticed that the railroad had a lot of workers around the same time he saw water usage rise. The pump house was inaccessible on Dec. 8th due to 15 inches of snow.  With the pump off for one day, 15,000 gallons of water were used from the tower and the tower lost 1 ½ lbs. of pressure.

Complete water retention permit needs to be voted on so JEO and DEQ can approve it.  Lagoon certification can be waived for 4 years with a full retention lagoon permit.  After permit is approved there is a $100 per year fee.  McWha was instructed to complete the paperwork for a vote to take place at the January Board Meeting.  McWha was instructed to complete repairs to the lagoon fencing.  McWha stated that the fencing to the right of the lagoons needs to be silt fencing.

Fire and Rescue reported 1 fire call and 1 rescue call.  Rescue Squad recall item was fixed.  

The Parks and Recreation Committee has scheduled a Santa visit on Dec. 19th from 3 – 5 pm at the Firehouse.  Bring your own cameras.

Old Business

A motion was made by Kahland and 2nd by Chipman to approve handicap access of curb in front of Bobby Brown’s home. Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Brown – Aye.   J. McClane absent.  Motion approved.  
Curb needs to be cut to allow wheelchair access to the street.  Arrangements have already been made, free of cost to the village, by Gaille Brown.  Work will be done as soon as the weather permits.

Firetruck sale options tabled until Jan. meeting so more people can be present to give input and Chris Keene can share her research.

Chipman contacted the IRS on Dec. 4th for an update on our withholding tax situation.  He found out that the Village of Union has a history of not paying or filing withholding taxes and also making payments without the proper documents.  The previous clerk had to contact the state senator to have penalties waived for years prior to 2001 for filings her predecessor did not accomplish.  Right now the IRS is threatening to levy penalties amounting to $1755 plus $94 in interest for W/2’s and W/3 not being filed for tax year 2005.  They had already tried to collect this by levy in Dec. of 2008.  No answer as to why they couldn’t.  The IRS received the 20 quarters we filed in Nov. on Nov. 16th.  It will take up to 60 days for the IRS to process these and get back to us.  Our option now is to wait for them to contact us with our full tax liability and penalties then, set up a payment plan to get current.  Chipman feels we need to get with the board and mayor in position in 2006 to get more information to see if we can prepare waivers for the penalties we will most likely incur.  A special meeting will be called when we have more information to discuss.

New Business

Chipman motioned and Brown 2nd the motion to go ahead with the audit waiver for fiscal year beginning Oct. 01, 2008 through Sep 30, 2009.  Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Brown – Aye.   J. McClane absent.  Motion approved. A full audit was preferred but, with our financial uncertainty at this time, we can’t afford the fees.

A special meeting will be needed to go over the municipal budget to include operating expenses and bond/loan indebtedness.  Clerk suggested after the new year.

Hiring hourly maintenance personnel was discussed.  The town of Murdock, which is comparable in size to Union, pays $400 in maintenance fees per month.  The chairman gives a list of duties to the maintenance personnel each month.  The workers keep track of their hours and submit their time sheets at the end of the month to receive payment.  Summer months are more expensive with mowing.

Dave Chipman and Butch Hardbarger have agreed to take the classes to become certified for water testing and have volunteered to test the water as needed.  Board wants to contract the town mowing out.  McWha interjected that we need to know that with water maintenance we are paying for 24 hour coverage and that it is necessary to have a water operator in charge for proper paperwork and point of contact.

Chipman motioned to advertise, interview and hire 1 – 3 part time people at $10 - $15 per hour to provide village maintenance starting Apr. 1, 2010.  2nd by Brown. Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Brown – Aye.   J. McClane absent.  Motion approved.  Ad to be submitted to the Plattsmouth Journal after special meeting is held to discuss job description.

Town maintenance vehicle need better tires.  The 4-WD seems to be fine but driver side needs new U-joint.  T. McClane will check on parts and prices.  A motion to approve truck repairs under $300 made by Kahland, 2nd by Chipman. Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Brown – Aye.   J. McClane absent.  Motion approved.  

A motion was made by Chipman to solicit bids for snow removal in the Plattsmouth Journal.  Bids should be sent to The Village of Union, PO Box 127, Union NE 68455.  POC. Terry McClane. 2nd by Kahland.  Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Brown – Aye.   J. McClane absent.  Motion approved.  

Brown made a motion to adjourn at 9:10pm.  2nd by Kahland. Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Brown – Aye.   J. McClane absent.  Motion approved.  

Next regular board meeting scheduled for Jan. 12, 2009 at 7:00 pm at the ALA Hall.

Terry McClane
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