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Upcoming Events

Thursday, November 28th

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Friday, November 29th

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Nebraska Huskers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes

Lincoln, NE | 2:30pm | Watch Live on BTN


Saturday, November 30th

Cass County Historical Society Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Plattsmouth, NE | 6:30pm | Flyer


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Announcements & Local News


Witte Phsyical Therapy Student of the Week

Witte Physical Therapy would like to announce the criteria for the 2019-2020 Student of the Week program. We continue to look for nominations from local community members, teachers, coaches, athletic directors, and principles. Learn More.

This Weeks Winning Student: Trey Lamkins from Weeping Water High School


Upcoming Holiday Events

Saturday, November 30th - Cass County Historical Society Annual Christmas Tree Lighting | Plattsmouth, NE

Saturday, December 7th - Annual Come Home For Christmas Celebration | Weeping Water, NE | Flyer



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In order to help remember the bliss of Christmas as a Kid - and to introduce to concept of "Story Telling" to the Cass County area. Turn Off the TV & Listen to a Story!
Here is a welcome note from John Click Here to listen >>
Please Leave a Message / Comments at 402-968-0821

Announcing to "Night Before Christmas" Podcast Contest!
Winners: 1st Place ($100, 2nd Place $50, 3rd Place $25)
Details here:

We need 3 more judges, please register Here >>

Participants: Cass County Resident
Submissions - Audio ( MP3 preferred ) Family Friendly, No Politics or Questionable Comment ( Judges will have the final say ) Permission to Share Unlimited

Judges Free Services - Permission to Share Name - a person generally known as trustworthy to the community.
Sponsors: a person/company generally known as trustworthy to the community Leave a Message w/Name/Number at 402-968-0821
Hosted by a division of a division of

Lots of Questions, clock is ticking - please leave a message at 402-968-0821 or email and I will reply!
Lets have Fun with this! 

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