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For the most up-to-date information on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), please click here.

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Cooler weather - cool movie!

 Lofte Harry Potter 1


Save the date!

Ice cream social 083020


SVE concerts 2020

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Plattsmouth Public Library is going to be offering Adult Project to go bags starting August 4th and ending August 25th.

Bag pick up will be on Tuesdays.

Please use this link to register

or call the Library at (402) 296-4154 ext.#24 to register.

PPL adult srp


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Recommendations For a Former Resident?

Recently, a former Union resident reached out to the newsletter asking if there are any historical records, pictures, etc kept anywhere to be viewed if they were to come visit. This person lived in Union in the 1960's. Does anyone have any pictures, articles, etc that they would be willing to share? Anything showing how Union has changed in the past 60 or so years? If so, please send along to - I would love to share with this former resident! 


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 Food bank 2020


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GP imp080820

See Omaha Aug 8th auction inventory >>>


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