January 13, 2010

The Union Village Board met in regular session on Jan. 13, 2010.  The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. at the ALA Hall.  The Open Meeting Laws were displayed.  On roll call: T. McClane, J. McClane and Chipman.  Kahland arrived at 7:08 and G. Brown was absent.

Minutes of previous meeting were reviewed and approved as amended. A motion was made by Chipman and 2nd by J. McClane, Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland– Aye, Chipman – Aye, J. McClane - Aye and Brown absent.  Motion approved.

Claims and Accounts were presented with the addition of the loans that are paid by electronic funds transfer each month, sales tax due prior to meeting.  Noted accounts were discussed for payment. Chipman made a motion to approve payment of listed accounts.  2nd by Kahland.  Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland– Aye, Chipman – Aye, J. McClane - Aye and Brown absent.   Motion approved.   


Jan 13, 2010
NPPD           FIREBARN*     $       45.89     
AREA LIGHT RENTAL     $       17.76     
BALLFIELD**     $       36.32     
WATER PUMP     $     405.20     
FIREBARN (TOWN BLDG)     $       22.96     
NEW TOWER  (WATER)     $       16.32     
TRAFFIC LIGHT     $       16.32     
AREA LIGHT RENTAL     $         7.28     
STREETLIGHTS     $     394.95     
NEW SEWER PUMP     $       87.88     
ALA HALL     $       28.45     
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS                         $       16.32     
NE PUBLIC HEALTH ENV LAB     $       22.00    WATER TESTS     
WINDSTREAM  OFFICE     $       62.82     
WINDSTREAM  FIRE     $       86.25     
MELISSA HANSEN     $     600.27    DEC SALARY     
MIDWEST LABS     $     624.50    TESTS FOR SEWER PERMIT     
COLUMBUS TELEGRAM                                        $       44.40   SNOW REMOVAL AD     
NE DEPT. OF REVENUE     $       87.75   SALES TAXES  (Pd. Check 9633 Nov 25th)     
TODD IRWIN     $     689.70   SNOW REMOVAL DEC     
MILLER, MONROE…     $       843.00  LINEBACKER INS PREM 4/09     
ALLIED RECYCLING     $     1248.75  Monthly Trash Service     
LOAN     $       618.44  LOAN FOR SEWER BOND     
LOAN     $       265.64  RESCUE SQUAD     
EMP            $         47.00  MED SUPPLIES UVFR     
JOHNSON’S     $       361.75  STEVE-GAS TODD/PLOW GAS     
EMS BILLING                                     $       172.57  FEE FOR EMT COLLECTIONS     
US TREASURY     $       729.60  4TH QUARTER WITHHOLDING     
STEVE MCWHA                               $       653.62  DEC SALARY      

One letter of correspondence was discussed.  Danko Siren sent letter asking if we needed a siren upgrade.  Siren is electrically sound.  Windstream relay isn’t working properly.  B. Bescheinen’s phone can activate but not all relays work.  Volunteer Fire and Rescue will test each month at their meeting.

The Village Managers report was given by McWha.   He reported that the village used 881,000 gallons of water the month of December averaging 28,400 gallons per day.  The lift station ran for 67 hours, around 2.17 hours per day.  Water tests were fine.  McWha reported that the Hotel water pipes froze last Friday and he met with owner to provide new water meter.  McWha noted that new meter needs to be billed to the hotel utility account.  Basement of hotel is not heated and caused the problem.  318 A St. also had frozen pipes.  Property is unoccupied and heat was left off causing pipes to freeze.  McWha got in and shut off water and contacted the owner.  Curb stop is not functioning so property needs to be heated to prevent main village line from freezing.

Complete water retention permit needs to be voted on so JEO and DEQ can approve it.  Lagoon certification can be waived for 4 years with a full retention lagoon permit.  After permit is approved there is a $100 per year fee.  McWha was instructed to complete the paperwork for a vote to take place at the January Board Meeting.  McWha was instructed to complete repairs to the lagoon fencing.  McWha stated that the fencing to the right of the lagoons needs to be silt fencing.

Fire and Rescue reported 1 chimney fire call and 6 rescue calls.  The blood pressure machine in rescue vehicle not working.  Louise will buy at Walmart for around $30 and submit the bill.

The Parks and Recreation Committee had no one in attendance to give report.  Board discussed amending the ordinance to allow Parks and Recreation to carry their own checking account to keep track of the Park and Recreation funds.

Old Business

IRS Update

Chipman reported that Union enlisted the help of their congressmen to have penalties waived in 2002/2003 in a similar situation with withholding taxes.  He is planning on drafting letters to Congressman Fortenberry and Senator Nelson to ask for help again getting penalties waived.  The board is planning on acquiring Letters of Affidavits from prior board members and chairpersons to be included in our next correspondence with the IRS.  The board put a deadline of January 23, 2010 to have penalty waivers (IRS Form 843) filed with documentation attached for each of the 16 quarters.

Brett Anderson from DEQ said a letter needs to be drafted  requesting our lagoon permit to be changed from controlled discharge to complete retention.  This permit would waive the requirement of a certified sewer operator for four years, eliminating monthly paperwork requirements at a cost of $100 per year. Chipman motioned to have McWha draft necessary letter for T. McClane to sign so Union can move ahead with a complete retention permit.  2nd by J. McClane.  Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland– Aye, Chipman – Aye, J. McClane - Aye and Brown absent.   Motion approved.   

Firetruck sale options tabled until Feb. meeting so more people can be present to give input and Chris Keene can share her research.  The board discussed forming a committee to get the truck sold.

A motion was made by Chipman and 2nd by Kahland to advertise for flexible, part-time maintenance personnel at a rate of $10-$15 per hour to provide general labor in village.  Ad should be submitted by Jan. 21 with a budget of $80.  Clerk will get rates for Cassgram and Plattsmouth Journal media.  Ad will also to be posted on the village website and in the Union Newsletter.  The village is looking for volunteers to take over some of the duties throughout the year.

New Business

Mindy Chipman briefed all in attendance about Cass County’s Going Green Grant for $111,000.  Union will be provided a recycling trailer one week out of each month to deposit collected paper, plastics and aluminum for each residence.  Items will not need to be sorted.  The village is responsible for bringing trailer to its next location, either Murray or Beaver Lake.  There is also a possibility, depending on the success of our recycle program, to become part of a curbside rewards program where customers are rewarded with gift card and such for their level of participation.  Ms. Chipman is also working on a grant that would provide each residence with a recycling bin.  In order to fulfill grant requirements a motion was made by Chipman and 2nd by Kahland, to have Union adopt a recycling policy where, as a community, we will be committed to purchasing, whenever possible, items that are made with recycled material.  Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland– Aye, Chipman – Aye, J. McClane - Aye and Brown absent.   Motion approved.

Ms. Chipman also briefed meeting attendees on the Nebraska Community Improvement Program.  Union was one of 3 small municipalities selected to receive help for this leadership challenge. The other two selected were Pawnee City and Red Cloud. The program involves community volunteers of all ages to meet together to decide on an improvement project to implement in the village.  The group will be facilitated and lasts 6 – 8 weeks.  The first week will be a kick-off event where the agency will provide speakers to provide information and help spark pride and hope in the community.  By the end of the program a project will be chosen and a plan organized to implement the project.  Petersburg NE was selected one year and this program helped them plan and fundraise to put up a $30,000 electronic sign.  The kick-off is scheduled for the end of February.  Sessions are one or so hours each week for 6 – 8 weeks.  This is a great publicity opportunity for our village.  

The village is covered for error and omissions under its liability coverage.  The board seeks to recover monetary losses incurred on the underinsured Main St. property and penalties and interest charges on IRS late filings.  It was mentioned that SENDD members receive complementary error and omissions coverage.

The Board has heard many complaints from utility customers that pay their bills faithfully.  They feel it isn’t fair that they have to pay on time each month yet many other customers don’t and suffer very little consequence.  The board has decided to implement a new policy on seriously delinquent accounts.  Chipman motioned that any delinquent account over $200 will have a municipal lien placed against their property if the current charges plus 5% of the overdue balance isn’t paid by the 1st of the following month as needed to protect the financial interests of the Village of Union. The lien won’t be released until the account is at 0 and all filing fees are paid.  The Chairman has the authority to request the clerk to prepare a lien against anyone in know violation without the trustees approval. 2nd by J. McClane. Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, J. McClane– Aye.   Brown absent.  Motion approved.   

The Board has decided not to contract for snow removal at this time.  All the bids submitted were reasonable, just not in our budget.  Chipman motioned to have Chairman McClane use his discretion to employ part-time help to remove snow when over 4” of accumulation occurs.  2nd by Kahland. Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, J. McClane – Aye.   Brown absent.  Motion approved.   

Chipman made the motion to adjourn at 9:36pm.  2nd by Kahland. Trustee votes are as follows: T. McClane – Aye, Kahland – Aye, Chipman – Aye, J. McClane– Aye.   Brown absent.  Motion approved.   

Next regular board meeting scheduled for February 10, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the ALA Hall.

Terry McClane