The Union Village Board met in regular session on October 12, 2011 and was called to order at 7:09. Chipman motioned to appoint Paul Vidlak as protemp chairman in Harbarger, Jr.’s absence, in accordance with Ordinance 1-119.  2nd by Keene.  Trustee votes are as follows:  Vidlak – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Keene - Aye. Motion approved.  The Open Meeting Laws were displayed for public reference.  On roll call:  Vidlak – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Keene - Aye.

Minutes of the Special Board Meeting for September 19, 2011 were reviewed. Chipman motioned to approve the September 19, 2011 Meeting Minutes.  2nd by Keene.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Vidlak – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Keene - Aye. Motion approved.

Claims and Accounts were presented.  Chipman motioned to approve October Claims and Accounts.  2nd by Keene.  Trustee votes are as follows: Vidlak – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Keene - Aye. Motion approved.  Chipman requested that the General Fund Balance be published in the meeting minutes, Claims and Accounts section, in the future.  Clerk agreed and will add the General Fund Balance to future minutes.


NPPD           FIREBARN*  $     115.33  WATER PUMP  $     519.87   FIREBARN (TOWN BLDG)  $       20.00   TOWER  (WATER)  $       21.17  TRAFFIC LIGHT  $       20.00  AREA LIGHT RENTAL  $       12.24   STREETLIGHTS  $     539.43   SEWER PUMP  $       90.16   ALA HALL  $       40.28  A&M GREENPOWER  $     363.87   JOHN DEERE MOWER PARTS  WINDSTREAM  OFFICE  $       58.06  WINDSTREAM  FIRE  $       88.65  MELISSA HANSEN   $     754.80    SEP PAY  ALLIED RECYCLING  $    1654.19   TRASH CONTRACT /DUMPSTER  LOAN  $      265.64   RESCUE SQUAD  LOAN  $      618.44   STREET/SEWER    STEVE HEYEN  $      961.89   SEP PAY  JOHNSON’S GAS N GO  $      368.34   MOWERS/MAINT TRUCK  RIC ORTMEIER  $    1470.00    BUDGET PREPARATION  LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR  $       57.66   HEARING NOTICE PUBLICATION  COLUMBUS TELEGRAM  $       50.50   MINUTES PUBLISHING  NPHEL  $     576.00   WATER TESTS  KERNS ESCAVATING CO  $     660.00    WATER LEAK REPAIR  UTILITY SVC CO   $   1890.65   TOWER MAINT. CONTRACT   GREAT PLAINS ONE CALL      $         2.02   DIGGERS HOTLINE 


 $53,934.55 GENERAL FUND BALANCE as of October 11, 2011

Correspondence: The Village received notice from the US Department of Commerce on government unit surveys arriving in the mail the week of October 11th.  The USDA sent a request for Certification of Water and Sewer Systems Vulnerability Assessment.  The clerk has notified the USDA twice that the program sent to accomplish this assessment has not worked on the village computer.  She has requested that a hardcopy be sent in order to accomplish this certification and waiting to receive assessment.  NPPD is increasing electricity rates, residential 7.5%, Municipal pumping, 6.0%, Street lighting, 9.3%.  This will raise the cost of street lighting each month for the village to about $588.00.

The Village Maintenance report: was given by Heyen.  The village pumped 1,200,000 gallons of water, around 20 hrs per day. Lift station ran for about 5.6 hours per day, 169 hours for the month.

Heyen reported that a ¾” water line on Larue was repaired.  Part of the street was dug up, and is out of the way of street traffic, but the village may want to patch it.

Larry Wiysel is concerned about the concrete dug up during a project to repair curbstop that was never completed.  The board asked Heyen to contact Kerns for a quote to finish project.  The board will decide whether to finish the project, or replace the concrete for safety purposes now, and postpone the project since there is no need for water at the Wiysel building.

Nick Martin from HDSupply came out to give Heyen the information he needs to start a household audit for the water meter replacement project.

Heyen also reported that he repaired the Montana Tractor’s tire and loader. He replaced the men’s toilet at the concessions stand and is taking the village truck home to get it ready for the plowing season.

Fire and Rescue report supplied by Louise Stewart and read by clerk.

Sirens tested OK.  There was 1 Rescue call.

The Fire and Rescue Volunteer’s Spaghetti Feed for the Erixson family will be held Sunday October 16th from 1:00 – 6:00 pm at the ALA Hall.

Union United Inc. report was given by Debbie Vidlak.  Union Hill Vineyard was harvested by Union United volunteers on October 8th.  We had 15 volunteers that picked over 140 buckets of grapes, an estimated 3000 pounds.  This effort raised about $300 for the park project.

The village has appointments for 6 cats to be neutered and vaccinated.  Three cats were trapped and brought in earlier today.  Two tested positive for Feline Immune Deficiency and were euthanized.  On average, 30% of the cats trapped in Union are FIV positive and put down.

More will be trapped and brought to the clinic next week.  The Plattsmouth Animal Shelter has offered to let us use their facilities to keep trapped cats until their appointment times. 

The Spirits of Union event will be held October 29th at the ALA Hall.  There will be safe Trick or Treating at the Caboose, and Jail as well as at some of the businesses on Main St. At the Hall there will be a pumpkin painting contest, costume contest, food and games.


Chipman motioned to set the recall election date for November 15, 2011 at the ALA Hall on Main Street in Union, and for the clerk to notify Nancy Josoff, the election commissioner, by letter with this information.  2nd by Keene.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Vidlak – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Keene - Aye. Motion approved.

If all three board members petitioned for recall are recalled, the village is left without a quorum of board members to conduct daily business or hold meetings.  The Board would be unable to meet until a special election is held, and at least one more board member is elected and added to the remaining two, to form a quorum. 

Chipman motioned to pass Village of Union Resolution 2011 – 14, temporarily authorizing the signatures of Gaille Brown and Caleb Keene on checks for the Village General Fund Account held at the Nehawka Bank for the purpose of authorizing expenditures, in accordance with Union Village Ordinance 1-417. 2nd by Keene.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Vidlak – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Keene - Aye. Motion approved.

The Clerk briefed the Board that Allied Recycling and Refuse contacted her about the error in billing of Union residences.  They will credit the combined gas surcharges and landfill fees of $4.04 for the quarter back to each customer on the next billing cycle.

Chipman motioned to adjourn at 8:03pm.  2nd by Keene By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Vidlak – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Keene - Aye. Motion approved.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for November 9, 2011, 7pm at the ALA Hall.  The Meeting Notice and Agenda will be posted for the public at the Village Office, the Union Branch of the Nehawka Bank, and the Union Post Office.

Dwain Hardbarger, Jr. Chairman

These minutes have been prepared by the village clerk and are certified to be true and accurate.