The Union Village Board was called to order at 7:20 pm for the regular session.  The Open Meeting Laws were displayed for public reference.  On roll call:  Hardbarger – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Vidlak – Aye, Keene and Brown - absent.

Minutes of the June Board Meeting was reviewed. Chipman motioned to approve the June 14, 2012 Meeting Minutes.  2nd by Vidlak.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Chipman – Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Keene and Brown absent.  Motion approved.

Claims and Accounts were presented.  Chipman motioned to approve May Claims and Accounts.  2nd by Vidlak.  Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Chipman – Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Keene and Brown absent.  Motion approved.

CLAIMS & ACCOUNTS JULY 2012 NPPD           FIREBARN*  $      92.12

WATER PUMP  $     502.63

FIREBARN (TOWN BLDG)  $       21.58

TOWER  (WATER)  $       21.75

TRAFFIC LIGHT  $       21.58

AREA LIGHT RENTAL  $       12.98

STREETLIGHTS  $     623.21

SEWER PUMP  $       67.85

BALLFIELD  $       48.43

ALA HALL  $       58.51

WINDSTREAM  OFFICE  $       60.84

WINDSTREAM  FIRE  $       91.10

MELISSA HANSEN  $      815.00   JUN PAY


LOAN  $      264.68   RESCUE SQUAD

LOAN  $      618.44   STREET/SEWER 

STEVE HEYEN  $    1582.03   JUN PAY

JOHNSON’S GAS N GO  $      401.27   352.81/MOW/TRUCK/RESCUE/48.46


NPHEL  $      194.00   WATER TESTS






$  9,009.43          JULY CLAIMS AND ACCOUNTS $ 83,998.53        GENERAL FUND BALANCE, AS OF JULY 10, 2012 $   1,896.58        DEPOSITS FOR JULY 11, 2012 Correspondence: The village received the renewal for the Group Life Policy.  Roster needs to be verified and DOB’s for Cal Keene and Dwain Hardbarger, Jr. need to be added. The village is eligible for DEQ State Drinking Water Revolving Fund Loan at 2% over 20 years with a fee of 1% of loan balance due each year. DEQ did an environmental review, as well as the Nebraska Department of Resources, on Union’s proposed water meter project.  NPPD announced the rate increases for 2013.  Municipal pumping is expected to increase 4 to 6% and street lighting 0 to 5%.  Grant funding is available through the state to improve the security of drinking water systems with a 90/10% share.  Water operator must be NIMS certified.  Getty Images has requested a settlement for $1065 for a copyrighted image they found in the Union website archives.  The website is not owned or operated by the village so the village isn’t liable for settlement. Clerk Report – The village received a $300 mini-grant for West Nile Prevention.  The intended use of this grant is to recycle 100 old tires during our next clean up event in September. Keep Cass County Beautiful received a check for $4500 for Union Ball Park improvements. We are waiting to meet with the staff at the Lincoln Lowe’s for pictures and process brief.  AT&T is starting work at the water tower site soon. The Village Maintenance report: was given by Heyen.  The village pumped 1,479,000 gallons of water for the month.  The lift station ran for about 3.2 hours per day.  The Nebraska Rural Water Association confirmed that the village water mains have no leaks.  They believe that by installing water meters the village can conserve water.  Water usage decreases when customers are paying by usage.  The village failed 2 coliform tests in the month of June.  Heyen is confused because the water continues to be chlorinated.  He increased the level of chlorine from .1 ppm to .3 ppm.  Heyen is cutting trees at the lagoon site and spraying the stumps to retard growth.  The John Deere mower was sent back to the shop.  They replaced a malfunctioning safety switch.

Fire and Rescue report given by Rob Kennedy. He reported 2 Fire and 2 Rescue calls. 3 people were transported and 1 refused but will be billed for a non-transport call.  The new cell phone is working fine.  The squad will go in for a $10 repair to fix the A/C.  Kennedy submitted an EMT contract for approval.  Chipman refused and Hardbarger agreed to not accept Steve Bescheinen’s EMT contract because of his criminal record.

Union United Inc. report was given by Debbie Vidlak. The village signs are ready for installation with the approval of the locations.  The group still needs to purchase 4 posts and landscaping materials.  The next fundraiser is the Annual Golf Tournament at Grandpa’s Woods scheduled for August 4th. 

Water Meter Committee Report:  The Nehawka Bank will consider loaning the village $30,000 at a rate of 6.5% over 60 months.  This would be a payment of less than $600 each month.  Heyen thinks he can cut the cost of the project by cutting out excavation costs.  He will reuse old pits or install new PVC pits inside the old pit structures that can’t be reused.

NEW BUSINESS The subject of water meter replacement was discussed with the residents in attendance.  The board agrees that it is necessary to have working meters in all the properties so utilities can be billed fairly and the village can increase revenue to improve utility infrastructure.  Funding is still an issue.  Paying $60,000 for $40,000 through the state drinking water revolving fund is not a good option.  Chipman requested that the village continue to look for grant funding.

Chipman motioned to set aside $15,000 from the general fund to start acquiring and installing water meter equipment.  2nd by Vidlak.  Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Chipman – Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Keene and Brown absent.  Motion approved.

In October of 2010, a board member was assigned to speak with one or two of the property owners in nuisance violation.  Chipman spoke with Bob Harrah.  Mr. Harrah agreed to remove a car and clean up.  In August of 2011, Mr. Harrah attended the board meeting and asked for some time to clean up and do the work.  At the beginning of 2012, Mark Easter sent the village a letter to show that Mr. Harrah was scheduled to auction items in his garage.  The auction was never held.  Last month a letter was sent to Georgia Harrah, another owner on the deed, asking what the plans were for the garage now, with no response.

The board believes that Bob’s Garage should be declared a nuisance.  Mr. Harrah’s property is the easiest of the nuisance properties to clean up.  The village conceivably can clean the property up and assess the costs to Mr. Harrah who has agreed to work with the village in the past, but has yet to act.

Vidlak motioned to adjourn at 8:50pm.  2nd by Chipman.  Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Chipman – Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Keene and Brown- absent.  Motion approved.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for August 8, 2012, 7 pm at the ALA Hall.  The Meeting Notice and Agenda will be posted for the public at the Village Office, the Union Branch of the Nehawka Bank, and the Union Post Office.

Dwain Hardbarger, Jr. Chairman

These minutes have been prepared by the village clerk and are certified to be true and accurate.