MARCH 13, 2013

The Union Village Board was called to order at 7:01 pm for the regular session.  The Open Meeting Laws were displayed for public reference.  On roll call:  Hardbarger – Aye, Boardman – Aye, Vidlak – Absent, Seyler – Aye and Brown - Aye.

Minutes of the February Regular Board Meeting were reviewed.  Seyler motioned to approve the February 13, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes.  2nd by Brown.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger – Aye, Boardman – Aye, Vidlak – Absent, Seyler – Aye and Brown - Aye. Motion approved.

Claims and Accounts were presented.  Seyler motioned to approve March Claims and Accounts.  2nd by Brown.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger – Aye, Boardman – Aye, Vidlak – Absent, Seyler – Aye and Brown - Aye. Motion approved.
MARCH 2013
NPPD           FIREBARN*
 $       78.18

 $     567.78

 $     100.62

 $       22.11

 $       22.11

 $       13.44

 $     611.01

 $     120.95

 $       49.48

 $       41.09

 $       59.57

 $       89.23

 $     831.15    FEB PAY

 $      264.68   RESCUE SQUAD

 $      618.44   STREET/SEWER  

 $    1328.09   FEB PAY

 $       19.24    REIMBURSE PLOW WIPERS

 $       96.05    FEB TEMP PAY

 $      384.37   PLOW/TRUCK

 $         14.00  WATER TEST

 $     2038.00  FIRE & RESCUE WORK COMP

$  7,376.95       MARCH  CLAIMS AND ACCOUNTS
$112,148.59     GENERAL FUND BALANCE AS OF March 12, 2013
$  1,483.29       Deposits for March, 13, 2013
$106,254.93     Balance after claims paid   
CORRESPONDENCE – The Nehawka Board of Trustees sent a note expressing their gratitude to the Village of Union for the use of our rescue squad while awaiting theirs.
The Environmental Quality Council hearing to make changes to the Litter Reduction Recycling Grant Program has been changed from March to April 4, 2013. This hearing is being videoconference all over the State. There is more information in the clerk’s office if interested.
The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District has sent us their Management Area Review for 2012, a copy if available in the clerk’s office.
CCEMA is hosting a 6 hour All-Hazards Preparedness Workshop April 13th  intended for elected and appointed senior officials from local jurisdictions.  April 1st is the deadline to sign-up.
DHHS has sent a letter clarifying regulations under the subject of Education, Training and Licensing Responsibilities for each licensed EMS agency in Nebraska to include in-house training every 2 years to cover driving, infection control, extrication, hazardous material, personal safety and any other training directed by the squad’s physician medical director.
Nebraska Emergency Medical Services Association sent a letter soliciting membership.
CLERK REPORT – I will be away at clerk school for the next week.  I will be back in the office on March 25th.  I can be reached by the village email and cell-phone.  Feel free to contact me with any issues.
Village Maintenance Report: Heyen reported 1,598,000 gallons of water pumped.  960,000 gallons pumped through the lift station indicating an increase in possible water leaks.  A property at A St. and 3rd appears to have water in front of it.  Heyen will take a look to see if there is a possible leak.  Concessions stand bathrooms have been checked.  A valve is needed to fix the water fountain.  Heyen  brought up that a valve was busted off a fire tanker when moving equipment around to fit the ambulance back in the fire bays.  Heyen was asking that the village pay for repairs but Chairman Hardbarger felt it was the fire department’s responsibility.
Fire and Rescue: No one was present to give the briefing.  The clerk read in the Fire and Rescue Roster for insurance purposes:  Bill Bescheinen, Will Bescheinen, Steve Bescheinen, Greg Bruce, Nate Foster, Larry Hathaway, Bryson Heim, Robin Hogrefe, Scott Johnson, DeeDee Kennedy, Rob Kennedy, Cori, Knapp, Jim McClane, Nick Smith, Louise Stewart, Frank Swanson and Tony Tellez.
Union United Inc. is still considering running concessions for the Union Ball Program.  The home schedule is a big consideration with the small amount of people willing to volunteer in the community.  A Spring Clean Up and Green Up is being organized for April 20 and 21st.  Activities will include Highway 34 clean up, recycling area for appliances/scrap metal, electronics and a dumpster for large trash items.  Ball park improvement activities like spray painting bleachers and concession restroom work is being considered for this weekend as well.  Volunteers will be needed from the community.  See the Village Clerk or a Union United volunteer for more information.
Old Business:  The Village Attorney looked over the modified Olsson Associates contract for Engineering Services and advised the board that the arbitration language had been struck and the document was ready for approval.  Seyler motioned to accept the Olsson Associates Engineering contract and authorized the chairman to sign.  2nd by Boardman.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger – Aye, Boardman – Aye, Vidlak – Absent, Seyler – Aye and Brown - Aye.  Motion approved.

Switzer Bin charges $16.00 per ton for gravel.  Lonnie Keene said he can have 8 tons of rock delivered and spread for around $200.00.  The chairman directed the clerk to check with Martin Marietta on an estimate to re-rock all the village alleys.  The decision is tabled until April 10th and another project update will be given.

New Business:   Judy Attebury was unable to attend the meeting but Mindy Chipman explained that the Methodist Church is reorganizing and is the process of obtaining their 501(C)(3) non- profit status.  The facilities are currently being booked for events.  A goal of the group is to make the facilities handicap accessible.  Ms. Attebury will be present for more discussion at the April 10th Board Meeting.

The clerk briefed that she has received a few calls complaining about the dogs running at large in the Birch Drive area.  The sheriff was called and a complaint was filed against two dogs acting aggressively towards a resident.  Other dogs have been seen loose and defecating in neighbors’ yards.  Some of the dogs and owners have been identified.  The chairman instructed to clerk to draft a letter of complaint , enclose the applicable ordinances and send them to the known offenders.

Brown motioned to adjourn at 7:46pm. 2nd by Seyler.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Boardman- Aye, Vidlak- Absent, Seyler – Aye, and Brown - Aye.  Motion approved.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 10, 2013, 7 pm at the ALA Hall.  The Meeting Notice and Agenda are on file at the clerk’s office and will be timely posted for the public at the Village Office, the Union Branch of the Nehawka Bank, and the Union Post Office.

Dwain Hardbarger, Jr.

These minutes have been prepared by the village clerk and are certified to be true and accurate.